Mini excavator Jansen MB-1000, 13,5 HP, petrol engine, Briggs & Stratton

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Überzeugt ! Kleine Details, die noch Verbesserung brauchen. 29 Mar 2022

Ein guter Minibagger mit überzeugender Leistung. Kleine Verbesserungen wären angebracht.

Decent Budget Digger 29 Jan 2022

Got mine couple of weeks back. Has around 10hours of worker under the belt.
Here are my considerations (pro's and con's if you will)

Delivery + Assembly:

+ Delivery went smooth and timely.
+ Extremely easy assembly; one bolt and you are done (I hope ;) )

+ Low learning curve; As a novice, only understanding concepts of excavator movement, I was
up and running as soon as I got fuel in it. Clear stickering all around. If I didn't know any
better I'd say it was built for the American market, the German speaking part of it anyways.

- Very low ground clearance. This causes two things to keep in mind:
If you are planning on using this on very un-even domain it will constantly bite itself
into the ground (front scoop)
Seeing its lower power-rating and the low ground clearance the device gets stuck 'a lot' -
Pretty much whenever the underground is soft enough for the tracks to sink in. So, don't use
it for any work that requires you to drive the excavator about a lot.
That being said, you'd be suprised what kind of loads this thing can push around.
It moves logs out of the way like a schoolground bully.

+ The following bolts/nuts came loose in

Mini excavator Jansen MB-1000, 13,5 HP, petrol engine, Briggs & Stratton
Our Jansen MB-1000 mini excavator is a compact multifunctional machine. It’s small, powerful and versatile. At a compact width of 825 mm you can even use this micro excavator in difficult to access areas. It has a powerful 13.5 PS petrol engine by Briggs & Stratton to power the high performance hydraulic system. The electric start makes it easy to start.

This is a complete set! Delivery includes the 20cm, 30cm and 60cm buckets, plus a ripper for breaking up soil and a grapple for lifting e.g. rocks or logs. The extremely practical quick-change system allows you to quickly change attachments.

The gear and pivot joint allow a 360° swivel radius. Our Jansen MB-1000 further features an additional control unit on the excavator arm. This expands your work area to e.g. operate an auger on this excavator.

The dredging depth of 145 cm and ejection height of 168 cm make this machine your perfect tool for professional use at home or for your business. The low surface pressure and versatility ensure minimal damage to the soil, which is particularly important when working in gardens.

A roll-over bar with built-in canopy, the robust hydraulic dozer blade, and intuitive, simple operation complement the performance of this mini excavator ideally.

The Jansen MB-1000 mini excavator comes with four-way control lever steering. As shown in the pictures, it has 2 joystick levers for operating the excavator arm and the scoop, and 2 control arms for the chain drive and the dozer blade. You can assign the functions yourself based on how the hydraulic lines are connected.

Technical specifications:
  • Engine: 13.5 PS Briggs & Stratton, 420cc
  • Fuel type: Regular petrol
  • Starter: Electric starter
  • Boom swing angle range: 360 degrees
  • Overloading height: max. 2144 mm
  • Dumping height: max. 1675 mm
  • Digging depth: max. 1456 mm
  • Reach: max. 2550 mm
  • Width: 825 mm
  • Ripping force: approx. 450 kg
  • Load capacity (excavator arm fully extended): approx. 280 kg (dozer blade down)
  • Load capacity (excavator arm fully extended): approx. 118 kg (dozer blade up)
  • Weight: approx. 660 kg
  • Shipping weight: approx. 700 kg
  • Measurements of packaging: approx. 2100x1000x2150 mm (LxWxH)

  • Complete set: incl. 20cm, 30cm & 60cm buckets, plus ripper and grapple
  • Electric starter: 12 Volt
  • Battery level display
  • Fuel tank capacity: 6.5 litres
  • Swivel radius: 360°
  • Hydraulic flow rate: approx. 16 litres per minute
  • Operating pressure: approx. 160 bar

Special Features:
  • Additional hydraulic circuit on excavator arm
  • High quality, robust construction
  • Easy operation
  • Transport via trailer or inside a van
  • Passes through standard doors (Width: 825 mm)
  • Various attachments included
  • Equipped with quick-change adapter
  • Powerful hydraulic pump unit
  • Hydraulic dozer blade lowering
  • High digging and ripping force
  • Load capacity approx. 118 to 280 kg (depending on the position of the excavator arm)
  • All lubricating points easily accessible


This unit is delivered on a wooden pallet. You should allow approx. ½ hour for final assembly. Please contact us for further assistance. Check the fill levels before initial operation! Maybe you will need hydraulic oil. Widely available HLP46 grade hydraulic oil is ideal. You will further need approx. 1 litre of motor oil for the engine. We recommend 10W40 or 15W40 multi-grade oil.

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