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hydraulic mower/mower bar Jansen HMS-80/180   €5,290.00 hydraulic mower/mower bar Jansen HMS-100/180   €5,390.00 hydraulic front mower HMM-130   €2,849.00 hydraulic front mower HMM-170   €2,949.00 hydraulic mower bar Jansen HMB-180   €3,890.00 Sideshift by hand for flail mower EFGC-145 and EFGC-175   €349.00 Mower bar Jansen THS-180, tractor pruning mowerbar   €2,449.00 Excavator Mulcher Jansen BM-120, Hydraulic, Mini Excavator, Flail Mower   €3,499.00 Flail mower Jansen EFG-105   €1,599.00 Flail mower Jansen EFG-125   €1,699.00 Flail mower Jansen EFGC-145   €1,899.00 Flail mower Jansen EFGC-175   €1,999.00 Flail mower Jansen EFGC-200   €2,349.00 Flail mower Jansen EFGC-220   €2,499.00 Flail mower Jansen EFGCH-135 with hydr. sideshift   €2,099.00 Flail mower Jansen EFGCH-155 with hydr. sideshift   €2,199.00 Flail mower Jansen EFGCH-175 with hydraulic sideshift   €2,249.00 Flail mower Jansen EFGCH-195 with hydraulic sideshift   €2,399.00 Flail mower Jansen EFGCH-220 with hydr. sideshift   €2,899.00 Flail mower Jansen EFGCH-240 with hydr. sideshift   €2,999.00 Verge mulching mower Jansen AGF-140   €3,599.00 Verge mulching mower Jansen AGF-160   €3,899.00 Verge mulching mower Jansen AGF-180   €3,990.00 Verge mulching mower Jansen AGF-200   €4,399.00 Verge mulching mower Jansen AGF-220   €4,499.00 Verge mulching mower Jansen AGF-240   €4,799.00 Flail mower Jansen AG-180 with hydraulic sideshift   €2,999.00 Flail mower Jansen AG-220   €3,599.00 Flail mower Jansen VMA-240 with hydraulic sideshift   €3,999.00 ATV - flail mower Jansen AT-120 with 15HP petrol engine   €2,399.00 Sickle mower Jansen SMR-120   €1,890.00 ATV - flail mower Jansen AT-145 with 23 HP petrol engine   €3,399.00 Flail mower Jansen HSM-60, Hand mower, Lawn mower, Mulch mower   €2,390.00 High grass mower Jansen HGM-58, lawn trimmer, brush cutter, rotary mower   €1,199.00 Mower bar with 120 cm width for hand tractor Jansen MGT-420   €549.00 Mower bar with 120 cm width for hand tractor Jansen MGT-270   €399.00 Mower bar with 150 cm width for hand tractor Jansen MGT-270   €449.00 Mower bar with 130 cm width for hand tractor Jansen MGT-800D   €899.00 Flail Mower with 60 cm width for hand tractor Jansen MGT-800D   €1,299.00 hydraulic mower bar Jansen FMB-180   €999.00

Our mowing units are distinguished by their good build quality. The have a variety of names... Rear mounted mowing unit, rear mower, cutter bar, high grass mower, flail mulcher, mulcher, mulching mower unit, mulching mower, towing mower unit, tractor mowing unit, tractor mulcher, front mounted mowing unit, front mowing unit, flail mower unit, verge flail mower, etc. Our mowing units have been tried and tested for years. It doesn’t matter whether for bridal paths, trenches, for mowing or for chopping up cuttings. Our mulchers are mainly used for fallow land and landscape maintenance but also for municipal applications (such as mowing green spaces etc.). In the forestry sector our mowing units and mulchers are used to keep transition areas free or to clear areas for use, which were previously wooded. In the fruit and wine-growing industry our mulchers are used to keep the avenues between fruit trees, berry bushes or vines clear and for chopping up wood cuttings from pruning and clipping. They have good material strength and robust gearboxes. Our mulchers are generally powered via the P.T.O or hydraulic connections of a tractor or unimog. They have been designed to be towed. Thanks to their special construction, our mulcher units give a clear cutting profile even with high matted grass. Simultaneously the clippings are finely chopped and evenly dispersed. Chopping and dispersion promote rapid decomposition of clippings, which entails that they do not have to be collected and can remain on the mowed area. There are two fundamental build types of mulching units: Gyro or sickel mulchers and flail mulchers. In the case of our sickle mulcher (SMR-120) for ATV’s, quads and compact tractors, the mowing and shredding process takes place via fast-rotating horizontal blades/sickle-shaped blades. The working organ of the flail mulcher is a shaft which rotates against the direction of travel. This rotating shaft has numerous robustly finished blades attached to it by hinges and arranged in a spiral around the shaft - the so-called flails. One advantage of the flail mulcher is that branches and small pieces of wood are no problem for the robust design of the flails, and stones cannot cause any damage to the machine. You can also obtain replacement parts from us: such as V-belts, P.T.O’s, hammer blades, flail blades, Y-blades, and many more.

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