tractor sickle bar mower Jansen TM-170, 1.70 m working width, double knife

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tractor sickle bar mower Jansen TM-170, 1.70 m working width, double knife
NOTE: The pictures are not up to date. The machine is delivered in gray / black.

Our sturdy tractor sickle bar mower Jansen TM-170 has a working width of 1.70 m and is ideal for compact tractors. Since it requires little power, even tractors from 18 HP can be used with this device.

The sickle bar mower has a low net weight and due to the double knife it produces a clean cut even at cutting speeds of max. 10 km/h. This mower is particularly suitable for mowing meadows and pastures, as well as embankments, etc.

It is extremely low maintenance and has a low energy expenditure. After cutting, the grass clippings are placed on a swath. The sickle bar mower is equipped with an a mechanical safety release to prevent machine damage.

The sickle bar mower can be raised and lowered hydraulically. This simply requires a single-action hydraulic connection on the tractor.

Compare our products with what our competitors have to offer! Not only have we developed these devices ourselves, but we also offer expert service (workshop staffed with qualified technicians) and replacement parts. We typically have all parts in stock. Should you have any further questions or problems, please do not hesitate to phone us. Your call will be answered by a competent staff member, not by a call centre agent.

Virtually all our products are assembled and ready for operation in our exhibition hall. You’re welcome to come by and try them out. We ask that you arrange an appointment if you wish to do so.

Technical specifications:
  • Working width: 170 cm
  • Sickle bar mower drive: V-belt
  • Operating speed: max. 10 km/h
  • Input power: min. 18 HP
  • P.T.O. revolutions: 540 rpm
  • Hydraulic sickle bar mower raising mechanism
  • Hydraulic connections: 1x single-action
  • 2 sickle bar mowers
  • Number of blades: 45 count
  • Three-point linkage cat. 2
  • Weight: approx. 200 kg
  • Weight including packaging: approx. 220 kg

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