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Log splitter Jansen HS-12L53, hydraulic, 12 tons, horizontal   €1,299.00 Firewood circular saw Jansen SMA-700   €1,699.00 Log splitter Jansen HS-20DS63, double action, 20 ton, hydraulic, horizontal   €1,699.00 Lumber trailer Jansen HRW-15   €7,990.00 Log splitter Jansen HS-20DS63E with electric engine, double action, 20 tons   €1,699.00 Lumber trailer Jansen HRW-15pro, galvanized   €8,990.00 Lumber trailer Jansen HRW-30   €6,990.00 Log splitter Jansen HS-20DS63K with petrol+electric engine, double action, 20 tons   €2,199.00 Log splitter Jansen HS-22A62, horizontal, vertical, 22 tons, hydraulic   €1,899.00 Log splitter Jansen HS-22A62E electric eng., horizontal/vertical, hydraulic, 22t   €1,899.00 Log splitter Jansen HS-22A62K petrol+electric eng., horizontal/vertical, hydraulic, 22t   €2,399.00 Log splitter Jansen HS-20H110, horizontal, vertical, 20 ton, hydraulic, timber   €2,299.00 Log Splitter Jansen HS-20H110E electric eng. horizontal/vertical, hydraulic, 20t   €2,299.00 Log conveyor Jansen FB-500   €1,399.00 Log splitter Jansen HS-20H110, 20t, 110cm, combi (petrol & electric motor)   €2,899.00 Hint! Log splitter Jansen HS-20H110-V2, vertical, 20 tons, hydraulic   €2,299.00 Hint! Log splitter Jansen HS-22A62-V2, vertical, 22 tons, hydraulic   €1,899.00 Log splitter Jansen TS-22E, 22 tons with electric engine 5kw, vertical   €2,099.00 Log splitter Jansen TS-22, 22 tons, PTO driven, vertical   €2,249.00 Log splitter Jansen TS-22B, 22 tons with gasoline engine, 10 HP, vertical   €2,149.00 Log splitter Jansen TS-30, PTO driven, 30 tons, vertical   €2,390.00 Log splitter Jansen TS-30K, 30 tons combi (PTO + electric motor), vertical   €2,749.00 Log splitter Jansen TS-14L62, tractor hydraulic, horizontal, 14 tons   €999.00 Log splitter Jansen TS-14L105, tractor hydraulic, 14 tons, horizontal   €1,249.00 Loading crane Jansen HRW-30K   €4,490.00 working table for Jansen tractor log splitter - With splitter purchase for 149,00 EUR   €249.00 working table for Jansen tractor log splitter - With splitter purchase for 149,00 EUR   €249.00 Hydraulic Winch Jansen TSW-500 for log splitter (PTO) Jansen TS-22, Ts-30, TS-30K   €799.00 Hydraulic control valve for lumber trailer Jansen HRW-15   €949.00 Hydraulic power unit for lumber trailer Jansen HRW-15(pro) + HRW-30K   €849.00 Hydraulic power unit for lumber trailer Jansen HRW-15(pro) + HRW-30K   €849.00 Firewood circular saw Jansen SMA-700T   €1,399.00

Our products from the fire wood processing area are distinguished by quality, durability and their fair price. Many of our machines are powered by a Honda licensed engine - such as our stump grinders, garden shredders, etc. These engines are virtually indestructible. Normal wear parts, replacement parts, etc., are reasonably priced and affordable. You will always receive a fair and comprehensive consultation from us and we are happy to help post sale. We have our own master workshop in which we carry out all types of repair and maintenance work. We also pre-assemble machines upon request. In this way you can collect your wood splitter, drag saw or wood chipper ready for use. Dispatch is also no problem. However, in this case the machines are usually disassembled. The majority of our wood splitters are powered by a Kohler petrol engine; with this kind of drive type you can work independently to a large extent, and are not reliant on the power grid. Of course we also offer an electrical motor with the majority of our wood splitters. You can even find P.T.O driven wood splitters in our product range. Furthermore, you can hang our wood splitters on the ball head coupling of your car, lawn tractor or tractor... enabling you to stay flexible with our splitting machines. You will also find the ideal equipment in our store for transporting timber in uneven terrain... for example our lumber trailer with loading crane and its own cable winch (for mounting to your tractor, quad, ATV, etc.). We also stock garden shredders and cutters, tractor shredders, and wood chippers (for chippings, branches, small trees, spruce twigs and other garden waste). The value for money is also exceptional with these items! You will also find our tree stump grinder (stump grinder, root grinder) in this firewood processing category, with which you can effectively and easily remove tree stumps. This grinder is also driven by petrol engine. The construction has been kept very narrow so that you can also drive with it in and out of garage doors.

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