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Loading crane Jansen HRW-30K
Here we offer you the loading crane only of our lumber trailer HRW-30.

The lumber trailer is hydraulically supported.

The loading crane has a swivel range of 180 degrees and a maximum reach of 3.8m. At the maximum jib length of 3.8m, the crane has a lifting capacity of 200kg. At 1.5m the crane can lift 300kg. The crane has a hydraulic grab which can rotate 360 degrees.

The control valve, the bracing and the hydraulic hoses are also within the delivery scope.

The device is delivered well packed and part-assembled in a steel frame. You should allow approx. 1-2 hours for final assembly.

We generally always have a ready-for-action lumber Trailer with loading crane in our showroom and would be happy if you were to visit and have a test. In this case please contact us.

Technical specifications:
  • Swivel range: 180 degrees
  • Reach: max. 3.80 m
  • Lifting power: 300 kg at a jib length of 1,5 m
  • Width of grab: 700 mm
  • Support: hydraulic, 2-fold
  • Dimensions of packaging: 200x90x70 cm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 415 kg
  • Weight including packaging: 435 kg

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