Mobility scooter is the common name given to small, multi-track, open, electrically powered lightweight vehicles which are used to transport the driver from place to place and which are generally used by those with difficulties walking. We offer mobility scooters (electric cars, electric wheelchairs, vehicles for the elderly, electric scooters, Shopriders, etc.) with the latest technology for senior citizens and those with difficulties walking. With this E-scooter you can be, and can remain, mobile and flexible in the long-term. We have commissioned production of the mobility scooters for many years and have hundreds of satisfied customers. We also always have a model on show in our store; we would love for you to come by and convince yourself of the quality and have a test drive! Our models are particularly distinguished by their high quality workmanship, the powerful 24V engine and their long range, and are surely one of the best value-for-money mobility scooters on the market. Our mobility scooters come with full suspension... Comfortable driving is guaranteed! Our mobility scooters make it possible for those with difficulties walking to cover even large distances quickly and to use wheelchair access. Baggage can also be transported on the floor between the legs and often in the basket on the steering assembly. A significant difference to electric wheel chairs is that electric wheel chairs are normally geared toward those with walking difficulties; with the mobility scooters can be directly steered. A four-wheel mobility scooter can be thought of as an electrically driven Quad with cross-cab access between the seat and steering bar. A three-wheel mobility scooter can be thought of as an electrically driven single-seat Trike with cross-cab access between seat and steering bar. Electric scooters and mobility scooters are listed as motorised wheelchairs in § 4 of the German Driving Licences Regulation (FeV) and are thereby MOT exempt. According to § 1 of the Driving Licences Regulation (FeV), motorised wheelchairs which have a maximum speed of 6 km/h or less are MOT exempt. The scooters may be driven on cycle paths, dirt tracks and foot paths, but not on the road. According to §3 of the German Vehicle Admission Ordinance (FZV), motorised wheelchairs with a maximum speed which exceeds 6 km/h require design-type approval (ABE) or individual authorisation for use in public road traffic. We have individual MOT (TÜV) approval for each of our mobility scooters.

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