Mobility scooter Shoprider 889SLBF, claret

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Ich habe dieses Gefährt im Mai 2014 bei Firma Jansen erworben und möchte es nicht mehr hergeben. Es ist sehr praktisch und hat mir nie Kummer bereitet. Einmal habe ich mir ein Licht kaputtgefahren - glücklicherweise haben die Jansen Leute schnell mit einem neuen geholfen. Ich empfehle Sie gerne weiter. Es grüsst Herbert Obenhauser

Mobility scooter Shoprider 889SLBF, claret
The company Shoprider is among the most well-know manufacturers of electric and mobility scooters. Thanks to its 2 large 45 Ah batteries, the Shoprider model 889SLBF (colour: claret) has a range of up to 32 km. This model has been approved by the inspection authority TÜV Nord, and is therefore permitted (with the appropriate insurance protection and number plating) to be driven on the road with a maximum speed of 15 km/h.

With this E-scooter you can be, and remain, mobile and flexible for the long-term. We have sold mobility scooters for many years and have many satisfied customers. We also always have a model on show in our store; we would love for you to come and see for yourself the quality of these scooters!

This Shoprider model is particularly distinguished through its high quality workmanship, the powerful 24V engine and its long range.

The scooter has full suspension: At the front, the wheels have individual suspension, and at the rear the axle is fully suspended. Comfortable driving is guaranteed!

The engine is powered by two 45 Ah batteries (total capacity 90 Ah). The battery charger (time for a complete charge approx. 9-10 hours) is included as part of delivery.

Thanks to the large wheels and the powerful driving mechanism, curbs of a height up to 10 cm are also no problem. Many other scooters have problems in this area due to a lack of clearance.

The scooter can be tailored to your size: The sitting position, the seat height, the arm rests and the handlebar position can all be adjusted.

The machine can also be adjusted technically to your wishes. For example you can limit the maximum speed or choose between a fast or a slow mode.

We would be happy to advise you in person, on-site, or on the phone!

Compare our scooters with competing products! You won’t find anything better. We didn’t only develop these devices ourselves, but also offer excellent service (master technicians workshop) and spare parts. We have almost every part in stock. In the event of questions or problems we are also only a phone call away do help you personally. With us you speak with knowledgeable staff and not with “call-centre agents”! We have all of our products assembled and ready for operation in our exhibition halls. We would love for you to come by to test them!

Technical specifications:
  • Range: max. 32 km
  • Carrying capacity: max. 136 kg
  • Seat height: 63 cm
  • Suspension: front individual wheels, complete rear axle Suspension
  • Speed: 6-15 km/h*** continuously adjustable
  • Operating voltage engine: 24 Volt, 1350 Watt (max.)
  • Batteries: 2x 12 Volt, 45 Ah
  • Gradient capability: max. 15%
  • Recharge time: 9-10 hours
  • Brakes: Intelligent, electromagnetic
  • Total weight: 115 kg (incl. batteries)
  • Weight including packing: approx. 150 kg
  • Dimensions: 1300x800x1000 mm (LxWxH)
  • Tyre size: 13" (front + rear)
  • Turning circle: 1500 mm
  • Ground clearance: 140 mm
  • Lighting: Yes (in accordance with road traffic regulations)
  • Model: Shoprider 889SLBF


This model has a maximum speed of 15 km/h. In order to legally drive in road traffic, you must insure the scooter. Insurance generally costs between 50 and 100 EUR.

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