Hunting hide Jansen, mobile, hydraulic lifting, fully equipped

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Hunting hide Jansen, mobile, hydraulic lifting, fully equipped
With this item we offer you the luxury class of hunting hide. It is mobile, as it is licensed to be attached as a trailer to the rear of your car. We tailor the hunting hide specifically to your needs. The hide has been developed by a hunter and fulfils all of your needs!

Hunters have been waiting for this for quite some time... The time of hunting with deer stands or other permanently installed, cold raised hides is over! We are offering you our custom design: A mobile, hydraulic lifting luxury hunting hide with MOT approval!

The hide is completely insulated... from the ground and walls all the way up to the ceiling! The side walls are made of 40 mm thick insulated sandwich panels. A completely foldable plank bed even offers the option of staying overnight in the hide when hunting for extended periods... ideal when hunting wild boar and red deer. The high ceiling height also makes it possible to stand in the hide.

You have a good view thanks to the large aluminium windows. The windows can be opened silently when required to shoot. The cabin has a variety of compartments and boxes so that hunting accessories, water canisters, covers, etc., can be stored away.

A solar panel is fitted to the roof of the hide for loading the 88Ah battery which comes as part of delivery.

We have many hunters among our regular customers who are no longer so sprightly and cannot (or can only with great difficulty due to health problems) hunt from normal hides accessed by ladder.

Your dog will also find a comfortable spot in the spacious hide. Thanks to the optimum weather protection, you can look after your health and are ready to shoot at any time.

The elevation of the hunting hide is continuously adjustable at the press of a button via remote control (manual operation is also possible). The lifting is technically accomplished using two hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic pump is powered by the on-board 12V battery and is very quiet.

The scissor lift mechanism is very solid and does not permit any shaking of the hide. The 3 aluminium windows are equipped with safety glass and can be opened without making any noise. When the hide is raised to its maximum height, the lower edge of the window is at a height of 3 metres above the ground.

When using our hunting hides, vandalism damage becomes a thing of the past as you can simply take your hide home with you. Moving within your hunting ground is taken care of quickly and you only need one individual hide for your entire area.

We make the hunting hides exactly according to your demands. Cheaper models are available (e.g. without chassis 6,690.00 EUR or without chassis and interior fittings with wood and carpet 5,290.00 EUR), but of course also with additional equipment and installations. We deliver the hunting or sleeping hide entirely complete with all vehicle registration documents required. The hunting trailer is permitted with a total weight up to 750 kg (unbraked).

Technical specifications / Equipment:
  • EU road use approval
  • continuous hydraulic lifting
  • Radio remote control for hydraulic system (manual operation also possible)
  • Stable 4-way support
  • 40 mm insulated sandwich panels for walls and ceiling
  • Insulated floor slab
  • Solar loading unit for 12 V battery (88 Ah)
  • Very quiet hydraulics
  • Colour: Chrome oxide green (RAL 6020)
  • Carpeted from floor to ceiling
  • LED lighting inside
  • Silent to open aluminium-framed windows with heat-tempered glass and pneumatic dampers
  • Hörmann - Steel door, lockable
  • Various security mechanisms (see below)
  • Foldable plank bed
  • Many storage compartments
  • Circumferential lighting box profile, which means the lights are protected

Installed security mechanisms:
  • Door lock with raised hide (emergency exit possible)
  • Master battery switch
  • Stable 4-way support
  • Hose rupture protection on the hydraulic cylinders prevent the cabin dropping in the event of damage
  • Emergency down switch in the event of a battery or remote control failure
  • Hörmann - steel door with special dimensions, lockable
  • Cabin transportation lock for road transport
  • Hydraulic system has been filled with biodegradable oil special for use in forests and open fields

  • Complete trailer: 3700x1850x2570 mm (LxWxH)
  • Cabin exterior: 2280x1330x2050 mm (LxWxH)
  • Cabin interior: 2200x1250x1900 mm (LxWxH)

Internal item#: 1009969155

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