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Stump grinder Jansen BSF-13   €1,899.00 Mini excavator Jansen MB-300, 10 HP, petrol engine, digger, walking excavator   €3,699.00 Log splitter Jansen HS-12L53, hydraulic, 12 tons, horizontal   €1,299.00 Firewood circular saw Jansen SMA-700   €1,699.00 Hydraulic earth drill Jansen HBG-1500   €799.00 Gasoline Power Sprayer Jansen MGS-50   €899.00 Tractor Tiller Jansen TBF-180, rotary tiller, rear tiller, field tiller. 1.80 m   €2,199.00 Log splitter Jansen HS-20DS63, double action, 20 ton, hydraulic, horizontal   €1,699.00 gasoline power sprayer Jansen MGS-100   €1,199.00 Hydraulic earth drill Jansen HBG-2000 for Jansen MB-2000   €799.00 Tractor Tiller Jansen TBF-220, rotary tiller, rear tiller, field tiller. 2.20 m   €3,249.00 Log splitter Jansen HS-20DS63E with electric engine, double action, 20 tons   €1,699.00 Motorised hand tractor Jansen MGT-270, 9HP   €1,399.00 Rotary tiller for hand tractor Jansen MGT-270   €399.00 Hydraulic earth drill Jansen HBG-5000   €2,390.00 Sprinkler Jansen RSP-1400, sector / circular sprinkler, lawn sprinkler   €2,590.00 Log splitter Jansen HS-20DS63K with petrol+electric engine, double action, 20 tons   €2,199.00 Log splitter Jansen HS-22A62, horizontal, vertical, 22 tons, hydraulic   €1,899.00 swivel moldboard plow for hand tractor Jansen MGT-800D   €349.00 Log splitter Jansen HS-22A62E electric eng., horizontal/vertical, hydraulic, 22t   €1,899.00 Mini excavator Jansen MB-2000, 6,5 HP YANMAR diesel powered engine   €10,490.00 Moldboard (Bottom) Plow for hand tractor Jansen MGT-800D   €249.00 Leaf Collector Jansen LG-1300, Leaf Vacuum, Leaf Blower, Mounting Frame   €2,349.00 Tower extension for leaf loading blower Jansen LG-1300   €99.00 Paddle wheels & weights (set) for Motorised hand tractor Jansen MGT-800D   €398.00 Log splitter Jansen HS-22A62K petrol+electric eng., horizontal/vertical, hydraulic, 22t   €2,399.00 Wood chipper / garden shredder Jansen GTS-13, 15 HP   €1,299.00 Log splitter Jansen HS-20H110, horizontal, vertical, 20 ton, hydraulic, timber   €2,299.00 Mini excavator Jansen MB-1500, 13,5 HP, petrol engine,   €8,990.00 Log Splitter Jansen HS-20H110E electric eng. horizontal/vertical, hydraulic, 20t   €2,299.00 Mini excavator Jansen MB-1500K, 13,5 HP, petrol + electric engine   €10,990.00 Wood chipper / garden shredder Jansen GTS-1000, 15 HP LONCIN   €1,399.00 3 point post hole digger Jansen TBG-100   €749.00 Wood chipper / garden shredder Jansen GTS-1500E   €2,349.00 Leaf Vacuum Jansen LS-100, Self-Propelled, Waste Vacuum, Leaf Blower, 6.5 HP   €1,399.00 Stump grinder Jansen BSF-60T   €3,490.00 Jansen GF-600pro Trencher, B&S,13,5 HP,cable trencher,drainage trencher,60cm   €1,999.00 Mini excavator Jansen MB-1000, 13,5 HP, petrol engine, Briggs & Stratton   €7,990.00 Log splitter Jansen HS-20H110, 20t, 110cm, combi (petrol & electric motor)   €2,899.00 Rear digger / Backhoe loader Jansen BHSM-175 incl. 300 mm bucket   €4,999.00 Hint! Log splitter Jansen HS-20H110-V2, vertical, 20 tons, hydraulic   €2,299.00 Leaf Vacuum Jansen LS-700, Drawbar, Leaf Collector, Leaf Blower, Trailer   €2,890.00 Rear digger / Backhoe loader Jansen BHSM-225 incl. 400 mm bucket   €5,890.00 Hint! Log splitter Jansen HS-22A62-V2, vertical, 22 tons, hydraulic   €1,899.00 Rear digger / Backhoe loader Jansen BHM-225 incl. 400 mm bucket   €5,699.00 Stump grinder Jansen BSF-40B, hydr. tree stump grinder, root grinder, digger   €3,199.00 Wood chipper / garden shredder Jansen GTS-2000pro, KOHLER   €2,749.00 3 point post hole digger Jansen TBG-200   €899.00

Our products from the tools and machines area are distinguished by quality, durability and their fair price. Many of our machines are powered by a Honda licensed engine or a Kohler engine: mini-dumpers, sweeping brooms, mini tractors, stump grinders (tree stump grinders), crawler dumpers, track dumpers, augers, motorised barrows, rotary cultivators (walk-behind tractors) to name but a few. These engines are virtually indestructible. Normal wear parts, replacement parts, etc., are reasonably priced and affordable. You will always receive a fair and comprehensive consultation from us and we are happy to help post sale. We have our own master workshop in which we carry out all types of repair and maintenance work. We also pre-assemble machines upon request. In this way you can collect your wood splitter, mini tractor, dumper, etc., from us ready for use. Dispatch is also no problem. However, in this case the machines are usually disassembled. There are many optional accessories for our machines. For example, on top of the practical collection container, we also have a snow blade and snow chains for our sweepers in our product range. This keeps you flexible in using the machines in a wide range of areas. Our LS-6500pro leaf vacuum with huge suction power is also very practical. Along with the suction nozzles present on the machine, it comes equipped with a practical suction hose. This great machine is rounded off with its own wheel drive. For those on a tight budget, we can also offer the LS-100 leaf vacuum. This vacuum impresses with its powerful suction. However it does not come with a suction hose. Our mini-dumpers / crawler dumpers come equipped with a snow blade and a stake rack or a universal carrier. Your working range is virtually limitless with these machines. You can stay just as flexible when using our walk-behind tractor (rotary cultivator), for which 2 models of sickle bar (1200mm and 1500mm) are available. A rotary tiller is ideal for jobs in your garden at home. Should you be the nocturnal type and prefer to work at night, we also have a power generator with a light mast in our product range. The generator is powered by a quiet diesel engine with an output of 5kW! The full 5,000 Watt output can be supplied via a plug socket and is not split into 3 phases, as is generally the case with other suppliers. The light mast guarantees ideal illumination thanks to 4 floodlights (each 250 Watts), and can be pneumatically raised to a height of 5 metres.

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